Structural Drawing

Ramp Detail Drawing

There are many uses of Ramps in Residential houses, Commercial structures, and Hospital buildings. When the place is narrow, the architect most of the time vehicle parking zones are placed on the ground or bottom of the building. The ramp is the best way to connect both Residential and commercial buildings to the road. Thus […]

Simply Supported Beam Reinforcement Details

A beam is a structural member that does resist bending loads over a span or distance. On the base of support, the beam is many types. In this article, we are talking about simply supported beam reinforcement details. And includes the AutoCAD file for free download, where are clearly present all types of Beam Reinforcement […]

Cantilever Beam Reinforcement Details

This article, to complete guide to cantilever beam reinforcement details for detailing concrete beams. And provide structure detail drawing for free download. Free download Excel sheet for T Beam Design. Cantilever Beam Reinforcement When designing a beam of reinforcement and beam size involves several steps: How Cantilever Beam Works? A cantilever beam is a type […]

Soak Pit Design

A soak pit, also known as a soakaway or septic tank soakaway, is a simple and effective way to manage wastewater from a household or small-scale development. So we are briefly describing soak pit design and providing structural design for soakwell in AutoCAD. Soak Pit Design Here are the steps to design a soak pit: […]

Stair Detail Drawing In AutoCAD

In this article, we discuss stair detail drawing in the staircase different parts of steps, Tread, Riser, Rise, landing, Nosing, Going, Head Room, Handrail, Baluster, Balustrade, Pitch or Slope, Run, Soffit, Scotia, Newel-post, Strings Or Stringers, Waist, Line Of nosing, Walking Line, Spandrel. Download: Architectural Drawing and Structural Drawing. What is Staircase? In architecture and […]

Structural Drawing in AutoCAD

Here is the provided Architectural and Structural drawing in AutoCAD file of the Social Science Faculty Building at Jahangirnagar University Architectural Drawing in AutoCAD Architectural drawing is a technical illustration that communicates the design and details of a building or structure. It is typically created by architects, draftspersons, or engineers using specialized software or by […]

Lightning Arrester In AutoCAD

A lightning arrester is a device system to prevent our electric devices and electric shock from lightning strikes. It works by redirecting the current from a lightning strike to the ground. It has two parts, one is placed on top of the building and the other is buried in the ground. This system is detailed […]

AutoCAD Structural Drawing

We are displaying AutoCAD Structural Drawing for tow storey residential building. In there you find all of the structural design and drawings to construct a building, it’s called site working drawing. # Download Structural Design For 3-Storey Residential Building | DWG # Free Download Hospital Building Plan In AutoCAD DWG & PDF # Free Download Duplex House Plan In AutoCAD # 1200 Sq […]

Hospital Building Plan In AutoCAD

Here is the consulting in the hospital building plan on a real project of the private hospital for diagnostic and consulting centers. Please do not use this parameter of your structure as same. You can get an idea and free download hospital building plan in AutoCAD DWG & PDG from this article. Download Also Hospital […]


In this article, we will discuss many types of Steel Structure Design in AutoCAD files. You also free download full steel structure drawing for ideas and better upgradation your skill. Types of Steel Structure Steel Structure Design in AutoCAD There are many types of Steel Structure Designs for free download with AutoCAD DWG file. How […]

Download Structural Design For 3 Storey Residential Building

We are discoursing about structural design for 3 storey residential building. And also has given full structural design detail of the real project in AutoCAD DWG & PDF. So, read the article very strongly and free download the AutoCAD file. # AutoCAD Structural Drawing Free Download For 2-Storey # Free Download Hospital Building Plan In AutoCAD DWG & PDF […]

Pile Cap Estimate AutoCAD File & PDF Download

In this article, we will estimate and cast analyses of pile caps and reference them with practical work. Also, provide an AutoCAD file of pile cap details drawing for free download. Pile Cap Estimate The below estimate of rods, cement, sand & stone for the pile cap. Volume of Concrete Given Data: The pile cape […]

cast in situ pile details

We are discussing Cast In Situ Pile Details Drawing and you can also free download AutoCAD file & PDF.

Cast In Situ Pile Details Estimate

Piles are column elements in a foundation that have the function of transferring the full load from the superstructure.
Piles move the whole mass compact and less compressible to the surface or to the top of the rock.

Beam Reinforcement Details

Free download beam reinforcement details in AutoCAD for architecture and civil engineering students. We are also free to provide all Structural Drawing Details, Pile Details Drawing, Footing Details, Column Design Spreadsheet, Grade beam details, Slab details, and other structural designs. Download What is a beam? Beam is a structural element that is designed to resist […]

In the below to describing residential building plan and provide AutoCAD DWG file for practice. Civil Engineer 9 is also providing free AutoCAD software for civil engineer and architect students. Free Download Hospital Building Plan In AutoCAD DWG & PDF Residential Building Plan When, residential building are planning. That time to must maintain the structural […]

Cast in Situ Pile

Cast in situ piles is excavated and constructed of RCC material on-site in real-time. Piles are column elements in a foundation that have the function of transferring the full load from the superstructure. We will describe pile estimating and also how to estimate cast in situ pile by the spreadsheet. Also read about : Details […]

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