Download Structural Design For 3 Storey Residential Building

Download Structural Design For 3 Storey Residential Building | DWG

We are discoursing about structural design for 3 storey residential building. And also has given full structural design detail of the real project in AutoCAD DWG & PDF. So, read the article very strongly and free download the AutoCAD file.

AutoCAD Structural Drawing Free Download For 2-Storey

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# Free Download Duplex House Plan In AutoCAD

1200 Sq Ft Residential Building Plan Free Download!!

Structural Design of 3 Storey Residential Building

  • Structural design criteria & minimum requirements
  • Column Layout Plan
  • Footing Layout Plan
  • Footing Schedule
  • Column Schedule
  • Grade Beam Layout Plan
  • Grade Beam Reinforcement Details
  • Floor Beam Layout Plan
  • Floor Beam Reinforcement Details
  • Stair Details
  • Roof Reinforcement Details A&B

Architectural Working Drawing

  • Floor Plan
  • Floor Furniture Layout
  • Floor Working Layout
  • Section X-X
  • Slab Outline
  • Ground Floor Door Schedule
  • False Slab Details
Structural & Architectural Drawing

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