Water Tank Design

Water Tank Design Excel Sheet | Underground and Overhead

We are providing here to free download Excel sheet of Water Tank Design Spreadsheet for the underground and overhead tanks. And also download T Beam Design Excel Sheet, Wind Load Calculation, and Column Design Spreadsheet.

Guidelines for a water tank design

A water tank is a container or vessel that is designed to store water. It can be made of various materials such as plastic, fiberglass, concrete, or steel, and can be used for a variety of purposes such as domestic use, irrigation, firefighting, and industrial applications. Water tanks can be located above ground or underground, and their size and shape can vary depending on the intended use and capacity requirements.

Designing an underground water tank and overhead water tank involves several considerations such as the purpose of the tank, the capacity required, the available space, the location of the tank, the materials to be used, and the environmental factors that may affect the tank. A civil engineer can decide with your assertion what will be best for you.

Here are some general guidelines for designing a water tank

  1. Purpose of the tank: Determine the purpose of the tank, whether it is for domestic use, irrigation, firefighting, or industrial use.
  2. Capacity: Calculate the required capacity of the tank based on the intended use, the number of users, and the frequency of water usage. The capacity of the tank should be sufficient to meet the water demand during peak periods.
  3. Location: Choose a location that is easily accessible and provides a stable base for the tank. The site should be level and free from potential hazards such as flooding, landslides, or earthquakes.
  4. Materials: Select the appropriate materials for the tank based on the intended use and environmental factors. Common materials used for water tanks include concrete, steel, fiberglass, and plastic.
  5. Design: The tank design should incorporate the required capacity, the location, the materials, and any other specific requirements such as inlet and outlet connections, vents, and access hatches.
  6. Installation: The tank installation should be carried out by qualified professionals to ensure that the tank is properly anchored, sealed, and connected to the water supply system.
  7. Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the tank is essential to ensure its longevity and proper functioning. This includes cleaning the tank, inspecting the structure, and repairing any leaks or damages.

Water Tank Design

Basically, two types of water tanks are constructed based on height.

  • Underground water tank or water reservoir
  • Overhead water tank or water reservoir

Download Excel Sheet for Underground Water Tank or Water Reservoir

Underground Water Tank Design Excel Sheet
Underground Water Tank Design Excel Sheet

Here is the free underground water reservoir spreadsheet for the RCC structural design.

Underground Water Tank

Underground water tanks have several benefits, including

  • Space-saving
  • Protection from the elements:
  • Aesthetically pleasing:
  • Energy-saving
  • Water conservation
  • Longevity

Overall, underground water tanks are a practical and efficient solution for water storage, offering several benefits for both commercial and residential properties.

Download Excel Sheet for Overhead Water Tank or Water Reservoir

Overhead Water Tank Design Excel Sheet
Overhead Water Tank Design Excel Sheet

Here is the free overhead water reservoir spreadsheet for the RCC design.

Overhead Water Tank

Overhead water tanks also have several benefits, including

  • Gravity-fed water supply
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick installation
  • Customizable capacity
  • Suitable for emergency situations
  • Versatile use

Overall, overhead water tanks offer several benefits, including an easy-to-maintain and reliable water supply, energy savings, and versatility of use.


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