Design Sheet

Design Of Shear Reinforcement

We are describing to design of shear reinforcement, flexure, and torsion for the beam design according to ACI. How to design with Excel sheet or spreadsheet, and also full access to download. We are known as Civil and Structural Engineers, 3 major parts have to design a beam, such as Flexural Desing, Shear Design, and […]

Design of Combined Footing

Today, we will discuss how easy calculate Combined Footing in Excel Sheet. Below the given sheet do input two concentrated loads and B.C (bearing capacity for that place) as well as other necessary data for combined footing design. It is the most important for checking Punching Shear in Footing. Design of Combined Footing As a […]

Retaining Wall Design Excel Sheet

A retaining wall is a structure designed to retain or hold back soil, rock, or other materials in a vertical or near-vertical position. These walls are commonly used in landscaping, civil engineering, and construction projects to create level areas or to prevent soil erosion and slope failures. In this article, we will be discussing how […]

Punching Shear in Footing

Today we will talk about Punching Shear in Footing for the combined footing design, spread, and raft foundation. Related Download Punching Shear in Footing Punching shear is a type of failure that can occur in reinforced concrete footings. It happens when the applied load is concentrated near the column or pedestal and causes a shear […]

Calculate Deflection of Beam

With this spreadsheet, you can calculate deflection of beam and check or determine the value for the safe design. Before this, you need to design the beam. In this Beam Design Excel Sheet, you can easily calculate the flexural reinforcement and shear reinforcement in beams. Related Download: Calculate Deflection of Beam The deflection of a beam can be […]

Beam Design Excel Sheet

With this Beam Design Excel Sheet, you can easily calculate the flexural reinforcement and shear reinforcement in beams. Also, free download to determine and Calculate deflection of beam for structural design. Related Download: Beam Design Excel Sheet When designing a beam, it is basically completed in three steps, such as Flexural, Shere, and Deflection. With […]

Rectangular Column Design

In this article, we are discussing how to rectangular column design in an Excel sheet for free download. Rectangular Column Design A rectangular column is a type of structural element commonly used in building construction to support the weight of the structure above it. As the name suggests, rectangular columns have a rectangular cross-section, typically […]

Flat Slab Design

In this article, we will discourse on RCC Flat Slab Design and provide a free Excel sheet and reinforcement details drawing in AutoCAD. Flat Slab Design A flat slab is a reinforced concrete slab supported directly on columns without the use of beams. In a flat slab system, the slab is typically thicker near the […]

Pile Design Excel Sheet

Today about describing Piles and Pile-cap, and how to design, analyze, and calculate in an Excel sheet. Read more about, how to estimate pile in Excel Sheet. What is Pile? In construction and civil engineering, a pile is a long, slender structural element that is driven into the ground to support a load or to […]


Here is provided T Beam design Excel sheet to easily calculate reinforcement and concrete type for free download. Free download also, Water Tank Design, Wind Load Calculation, Rectangular & Spiral Column Design and Beam Design Spreadsheet. What is T Beam? T-beams are a type of reinforced concrete beam that is commonly used in building construction. […]

Water Tank Design

We are providing here to free download Excel sheet of Water Tank Design Spreadsheet for the underground and overhead tanks. And also download T Beam Design Excel Sheet, Wind Load Calculation, and Column Design Spreadsheet. Guidelines for a water tank design A water tank is a container or vessel that is designed to store water. […]

Wind Load Calculation

Here is the provided wind load calculation spreadsheet for getting the number value that will use in the structural calculation. Also, free download Water Tank Design, T Beam Design, column design spreadsheet, and combined footing design Excel sheet. Wind Load Calculation Wind load calculation is an important aspect of structural design, as it helps to […]

Column Design Spreadsheet

Download Also Similar Design File Rectangular Column Desing With Video Combined Footing Design Download FAR Calculator Excel Sheet Cast In Situ Pile Estimate Column Design Spreadsheet You can easily be designed rectangular and spiral columns using this spreadsheet. Download Column Design Spreadsheet Download Now

Combined Footing Design Sheet

Free download Combined Footing Design spreadsheet with excel sheet notation. You can fiend design and estimating excel calculator from Civil Engineer 9.

Civil Engineering Spreadsheet

Column design excel sheet download for structrual and civil engineer. You can easily design in column with this spreadsheet.

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