Combined Footing Design Sheet

Combined Footing Design With Excel | Download Spreadsheet

Free download Combined Footing Design spreadsheet with excel sheet notation. Civil engineering design or estimating spreadsheets download from our website Civil Engineer 9. We are provide all architect and civil engineering AutoCAD Software and Drawing, structural design excel sheet, free engineering books and all kind of support.

For check the Punching Shear in Footing.

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RCC Footing Design Spreadsheet

The structure or buildings total load are transfer to his under some RCC members, that member or structure transfer to soil, it’s called Footing.

Footing Are Mainly Three types

  1. Spread Footing
  2. Combined Footing
  3. Raft of mat Foundation or Footing

Design of Combined Footing

When the footing provide to support more than one columns load then that footing are called Combined Footing.

The Combined Footing is mainly two types
  1. Rectangular Combined Footing and
  2. Trapezoidal Combined Footing
types of combined footing

How to Work with Following Spreadsheet

Fined the project Combined Footing Design Excel Sheet and open it. Go to CF1 page, and input data on the following row, such – Column load, Total Load, S.B.C, Area of the footing reqd.(sft), Area of the footing provided (sft).

Footing Design Sheet

And input check data on the following section

Design of Cantilever Sab, Design of Strip Beam, Check for Deep Beam, Check for Shear, Tension Reinforcement, and Design of Cantilever Beam and see the added picture.

Free Download Civil Engineering Spreadsheet

Click on the below “Download Now” and SKIP AD then download excel sheet for civil engineer.

Design of Combined Footing
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  1. i am trying to learn how to make excel sheets but the sheets are protected. (wind calculation sheet ) can u help us un protect the sheet

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