Beam Design Excel Sheet

Beam Design Excel Sheet Free Download | Shear & Flexural

With this Beam Design Excel Sheet, you can easily calculate the flexural reinforcement and shear reinforcement in beams. Also, free download to determine and Calculate deflection of beam for structural design.

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Beam Design Excel Sheet

When designing a beam, it is basically completed in three steps, such as Flexural, Shere, and Deflection. With this “Beam Design Excel Sheet,” you can easily calculate the shear and flexural reinforcement of the beams.

Follow up the three steps of the sheet here:

(1) Flexural design of beam

Flexural design of beam
Design of Beam for Flexure

The flexural design of beam typically involves calculating the maximum bending moment and the corresponding stresses and deflections that the beam will experience under the design loads.

(2) Design of shear reinforcement in beam

Design of shear reinforcement in beam
Design of Beam for Shear

The design of shear reinforcement in beam typically involves determining the maximum shear force that the beam will experience, and ensuring that the beam is designed to resist that force without failure. This is achieved by selecting appropriate materials and cross-sectional dimensions for the beam, and by incorporating reinforcement as necessary.

(3) Check of Deflections:

Deflection of beams refers to the deformation or bending of a beam due to external loads or forces acting upon it.

Check of Deflections
Check of Deflections

Download the Excel sheet to check and Calculate deflection of beam.

Beam Design Spreadsheet Free Download

This spreadsheet is basically designed for the flexural and shear reinforcement of the beam. On this website, you can also download the structural design sheet and civil estimating sheet.

Beam Design Excel Sheet


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