Hospital Building Plan In AutoCAD

Free Download Hospital Building Plan In AutoCAD DWG & PDF

Here is the consulting in the hospital building plan on a real project of the private hospital for diagnostic and consulting centers. Please do not use this parameter of your structure as same. You can get an idea and free download hospital building plan in AutoCAD DWG & PDG from this article.

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Hospital Building Plan In AutoCAD

Here is the download link for –

  • Hospital Floor Plan
  • Hospital Architectural Plan
  • Hospital Structural Plan
  • Hospital Electrical Plan

So, you can free download the AutoCAD file for Hospital Building Plan.

Download Hospital Building Plan

Structural Design for Hospital Building

This file too included details of the structural design part by part.

  • Site Layout
  • Column Layout
  • Pile Layout
  • Pile Cap Layout
  • Column Schedule
  • Lift Core Reinforcement
  • Basement Wall Section
  • Pile Cap Details Section
  • Ground Water Reservoir
  • Septic Tank Details
  • Ramp Details & Section
  • Plan of Stari & Stari Section
  • Ground Floor to 6th Floor Beam Plan
  • Section & Long Section of Floor Beam
  • Ground Floor to 6th Floor Slab Reinforcement
  • Plan of Overhead Reservoir With Reinforcement

Electrical Design for Hospital Building

  • Electrical Legend & General Notes
  • Electrical Light, Fan, Exhaust Fan, Circuit Connection Fittings, Fixtures & Conduit Layout – Basement. FL
  • Electrical Power Socket, Intercom, TV Dish, CCTV, Internet Connection Fittings, Fixtures & Conduit Layout – Basement to 6th Floor.
  • Electrical Fittings, Fixture Details Measurement For Installation – Basement to 6th Floor.
  • Electrical Circuit Diagram & Design of Ground Floor to 6th Floor.
  • Roof Floor Air Terminal Design
  • Earthling Details Design
  • Other Essential Design & Diagram.

Architectural Plan for Hospital Building

  • Ground Floor Plan – Parking
  • 1st Floor Plan – Diagnostics + Doctor Chamber
  • 2nd to 6th Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Side Elevation
  • Building Section
  • Working Plan Ground to 6th floor
  • Typical Section of Low Pan – C Toilet and Commode
  • Typical Section of Pedestal Basin
  • Detail of Stair
  • Digital Survey

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