Question 1 The water is flowing through a pipe line of 100 mm diameter with a velocity of 1.5 m/s. Determine the discharge through the pice in litres/s. Solution: Given Data, Dia d=100mm=0.1m; Velocity, v=1.5m/s; Discharge, Q=? litres/s. From the equation of Continuity of a Liquid Flow, Q=AV; Where Q=Discharge; A=Area; V=Velocity. Q=(π/4)d2 x V […]

Normal Consistency of Cement

The test of normal consistency of cement with Vicat’s apparatus to determine the percentage of water to achieve a specific consistency. The standard range of values is between 22 to 30 percent by weight of dry cement. In addition, this lab experiment helps to understand the range of plasticity and to know the duration of […]

Structural Engineering Course

Hey there, future engineer! If you are looking to up your structural engineering basics knowledge, then why not find a great online course? This way you can learn the basics on your own time, without investing thousands of dollars into a university degree before knowing it is really for you or not. But with so […]

Reaction of Beam

Here is the calculation of the Reaction of Beam for simply-supported-beam | Mechanics Solution | Ex-12.1.1 Read more: What are Cubic Feet? and SAND Question: Exercise 21.1 The solution of reaction of Beam of 1 to 6 Question 01: [Solution] ΣMA = 0 (Clockwise+) ⇒(C)+(D)+(E)+(B)=0 ⇒(5×1)+(2×2)+(3×3)+(-RBx4)=0 ⇒5+4+9-4RB=0 ⇒4RB=18 ⇒RB=4.5 kN ΣV = 0 (Upward+) ⇒(A)+(C)+(D)+(E)+(B)=0 […]

Fineness Modulus Of Sand

Sand is a natural resource obtained from pits, rivers, seas, and deserts, which can play an important part in Engineering Construction. Sand is a granular material that consists of particles of finely divided rock i.e. pure silica (SiO2) Silicon dioxide. Using of sand in civil engineering such as filling under floors, basements, fine aggregate at […]

Cubic Feet

Cubic feet are a unit of volume that measures the amount of space inside a three-dimensional object. One cubic foot equals the volume of a cube measuring one foot on each side. It is the equivalent of a cube that measures one foot on each side and is commonly used in the United States to […]

Soak Pit Design

A soak pit, also known as a soakaway or septic tank soakaway, is a simple and effective way to manage wastewater from a household or small-scale development. So we are briefly describing soak pit design and providing structural design for soakwell in AutoCAD. Soak Pit Design Here are the steps to design a soak pit: […]

Soil Testing Report

Why need soil test? and how to make soil testing report for building construction? What is soil testing? Soil testing is a crucial step in the construction process. The soil on which a building is to be constructed needs to be tested to ensure that it can provide adequate support to the building structure. The […]

Responsibility of Civil Site Engineer

Most of the work at the construction project for the Site Engineer. Mainly, the site engineer part of construction management. The civil site engineer is working in building construction, roads & high-way construction, bridge-Culvert, and many other civil engineering construction work. When civil engineers work in the field, they have to take many responsibilities. This […]


How to find out Mortar Quantity in Brick Masonry? Read this article and get full Answer. Firstly, calculate your total volume of brick masonry. (Length×Height×Thickness ) Cubic Standard Brick Size is (242 × 114 × 70) mm Assuming Total brick masonry is 100 cubic meter Brick Size With Mortar (254 × 127 × 76) mm […]

How To Calculate Cement, Sand And Aggregate Quantity

Proper calculation and proportioning are very important for good quality work. When, we will estimate and proper planning before the final works, and we can reduce the cost & time. So, this article will explain to you the easy techniques, how to calculate Cement, Sand and Aggregate Quantity in concrete. Concept of Cement, Sand and […]

How Many Bags of Cement is 100 CFT Concrete

100 CFT (Cubic Feet) is solid or wet work, we find the quantity of Dry Material (Cement, Sand, and Aggregate). We know, dry work 54% addition of wet works. In other words, Total dry works = 100+54% cft =100+(100×0.54) cft =100+54 cft =154 cft We need 15 Megapascal strength concrete for Floor mortar, So We […]

Types of Building Foundations

Summary: A Building foundation is a lower segment of building structure that moves its gravity burdens to the earth. Foundation are commonly broken into two classes: shallow foundation and deep foundations. A tall structure must have a solid foundation to keep stand for long times. If you want to ensure the safety hundred percent, you […]

Best Architecture Universities in the World

The university which is involved in not only doing business but also for teaching the subject related to architecture and civil engineering is called an architecture university or school/college of civil engineering. The best architecture universities in the world give a talented architecture for a nation. Because the universities are the producer of an educated […]

Building Construction Materials

SUMMERY: The materials used for construction purposes for house building such as Wood, rocks, cement, aggregates, metals, bricks, concrete, clay are the most common and basic type of construction materials which are used in construction. On the other hand many man-made products and synthetic products are also used in building construction materials list. Construction and […]

advantages and disadvantages of survey

At first, we should know what is surveying or land surveying, then you can know the advantages and disadvantages of survey. Surveying is a system, craftsmanship, and study of realizing the earthbound or three-dimensional places of focuses and the differences and edges between them. These focuses are for the most part on the outside of the Earth, […]


Over budget is very a common problem. There are a million ways to save construction cost and also to spend money when building your home.

Ecological Architecture Design

Ecological architecture is about preserving & complementing the natural elements within an urban setting, whether that’s a green wall on a single building.

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