Soak Pit Design

Soak Pit Design and Construction | Soakwell Drawing In AutoCAD

A soak pit, also known as a soakaway or septic tank soakaway, is a simple and effective way to manage wastewater from a household or small-scale development. So we are briefly describing soak pit design and providing structural design for soakwell in AutoCAD.

Soak Pit Design

Here are the steps to design a soak pit:

Determine the size of the soak pit

The size of the soak pit will depend on the amount of water generated, the soil permeability, and the local regulations. A general rule of thumb is to design the soak pit to have a volume of at least 1.5 times the daily wastewater flow.

Select the location

The soak pit should be located in an area that is at least 30 meters away from any water supply, preferably downhill from the house or development, and on permeable soil that will allow the water to seep into the ground.

Excavate the pit

Dig a hole that is wide enough to accommodate the soak pit, with a depth of at least 1.5 to 2 meters. The bottom of the pit should be lined with a layer of gravel or stones to allow for drainage.

Install the inlet and outlet pipes

The inlet pipe should be connected to the septic tank or the wastewater source, and the outlet pipe should be directed away from the pit and into the ground.

Fill the pit with stones or gravel

The soak pit should be filled with stones or gravel to a depth of at least 1 meter above the inlet pipe. The stones or gravel will act as a filter and allow the water to seep into the ground.

Cover the soak pit

The soak pit should be covered with a concrete slab or a heavy-duty cover that can withstand the weight of vehicles or heavy machinery.

Maintain the soak pit

Regular maintenance is important to ensure the proper functioning of the soak pit. This includes removing any debris that may clog the inlet or outlet pipes, and periodically checking the level of the water in the pit.

It is important to follow the local regulations and guidelines for the design and construction of a soak pit. In some areas, it may be necessary to obtain a permit or have the design approved by the local authorities.

Soak Away Pit
Soak Away Pit

What is the function of a soak pit?

A soak pit is a method of wastewater disposal that allows for the natural filtration and absorption of water into the ground. The main function of a soak pit is to collect and treat wastewater, typically from a septic tank or other sources, and allow it to infiltrate into the surrounding soil.

The soak pit serves as an underground chamber or pit that is lined with stones or gravel and sometimes covered with a layer of sand or soil. The water flows into the soak pit through an inlet pipe, and then slowly percolates through the gravel or stones, where it is filtered and treated by the surrounding soil.

Advantages of soak pit

The main benefits of a soak pit include:

  1. Environmental protection: Soak pits help to prevent the contamination of nearby water sources, such as rivers and lakes, by allowing the wastewater to be naturally filtered and absorbed into the ground.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Soak pits are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain, and do not require any mechanical or electrical equipment to operate.
  3. Efficient wastewater management: Soak pits provide an effective method for managing wastewater in areas where there is no access to centralized sewage systems or where such systems are not practical.
  4. Groundwater recharge: The filtered wastewater from the soak pit can help to replenish groundwater supplies, which can be especially important in areas where water is scarce.

Overall, the function of a soak pit is to provide a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly method for the disposal of wastewater.

Soakwell or Soak Pit Drawing In AutoCAD

Here is the design and detail drawing in AutoCAD of the soak pit tank.

Soak Pit Drawing
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