Design of Combined Footing

Excel Sheet For Combined Footing Design

Today, we will discuss how easy calculate Combined Footing in Excel Sheet. Below the given sheet do input two concentrated loads and B.C (bearing capacity for that place) as well as other necessary data for combined footing design.

It is the most important for checking Punching Shear in Footing.

Design of Combined Footing

As a Civil Engineer has been working in many types of places and developed many types of designs for footing. We know when considered to make combined footing, we think that what type of combined footing is best for that places or structures. Such as Rectangular Combined Footing, Trapezoidal Combined Footing, and Strap Footing. If you select rectangular combined footing, you can easily be calculating full data with that shear force diagram and bending moment diagram.

sfd and bmd for footing
SFD and BMD for footing

How to design a footing

Designing a combined footing involves several steps to ensure its stability and load-bearing capacity. Here’s a general guide on how to design a combined footing:

  • Determine the loads
  • Determine the soil-bearing capacity
  • Determine the footing dimensions
  • Check for overturning and sliding
  • Check for bearing capacity
  • Design reinforcement
  • Detailing
  • Construction considerations

It is crucial to note that the design of combined footings requires expertise in structural engineering and geotechnical engineering. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a qualified structural engineer who can perform the necessary calculations and provide accurate design solutions based on the specific project requirements and site conditions.

Rectangular Combined Footing


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