Cast in Situ Pile

Cast In Situ Pile Estimate | Free Download Spreadsheet

Cast in situ piles is excavated and constructed of RCC material on-site in real-time. Piles are column elements in a foundation that have the function of transferring the full load from the superstructure.

We will describe pile estimating and also how to estimate cast in situ pile by the spreadsheet.

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Below are the following spreadsheet free download links.

Cast In Situ Pile

All structures load to bear the foundation and foundations are transferring the total structure load on sub-soil. Foundation is making some structures such as piles, and footing. Pile foundation is settling under to soil. Pile foundation is two types based on the construction method, Precast pile and Cast in Situ Pile.

This type of pile is constructing a circular hole into the ground, installing a reinforcement frame,s and filling the concrete in the place. The holes are made by a boring machine, and then create this pile foundation in the upper construction method.

Cast in Situ Pile Estimate

Cast In Situ Pile Section
Cast In Situ Pile Section

From our above drawing:

Estimate for 24″ Dia Pile and Boring Length from E.G.L.= 75’6″, Casting Length is = 70′ (Don’t cast 5′-6″ EGL to Upper Pile Casting Level), but Rebar Length is = 69′ (Minus: EGL to Upper Pile Casting Level and Bellow 1 feet CC Casting)

Cement Sand and Aggregate
Cement, Sand, Aggregate & Steel

Estimate of Casting (Cement, Sand & Stone)

The casting Length is 70′ the concrete mix proportion ratio is 1:1.5:3 or f’c=3000psi [Mentioned in the drawing]

Casting volume:

= (πr^2 x Length of pile casting)

= (3.1416 x 1’^2 x 70′)

= 220 cft

Cement: (220 x 1.5)/(1+1.5+3)= 330/5.5 = (60 x 1) = 60 cft [1bag cement equal to 1.25 cft] so, 60/1.25 = 48 bag cement.

Sand: (220 x 1.5)/(1+1.5+3)= 330/5.5 = (60 x 1.5) = 90 cft sand.

Stone or Coarse Aggregate: (220 x 1.5)/(1+1.5+3)= 330/5.5 = (60 x 3) = 180 cft stone.

Note: But in reality, 5% to 20% fewer materials are taken in Cast-In-Situ-Pile

Estimate of Reinforcement or Rod

  • Reinforcement or Rebar Length is = 69′
  • Spiral Length = 66′
  • StirrupCenter to Center = 6″ or .5′
  • Clear cover is =3″

16 mm Main Rod: (Number of Rebar X ( Length of Reber + Lapping ) x Weight of steel bars per feet) = (8 x ( 69′ + 2′) x 0.48) = (568′ x 0.48) = 273 kg

10 mm Spiral Rod: [((66 / 0.5) + 1) X ( 2π(12″ – 3″ )/ 12)] x 0.188 = (133 X 4.712) x 0.188 = 627 x 0.188 = 118 kg.

Total need 273+118 = 391 kg

Click the below “Download Now” button the open the new tab skip AD and see google drive, and also free download cast in situ pile structural drawing and spreadsheet.

Download Piling CAD Drawings & PDF

Estimate Cast In Situ Pile By Spreadsheet

We will see how to pile estimating with the spreadsheet. The yellow color cell are input pile data in the excel sheet. All information and data are clear to fiend volume of materials. The details of materials is cement, sand, stone chips and rode as main, extra top/bottom with stirrups top/bottom.

pile estimating
Pile Estimating Spreadsheet

Input Data

Pile Length, Pile Size, Casing ratio, Number of the main rods, extra top and bottom rod, stirrups, Clear cover, and no of the pile.

Cast in Situ Piling Process

Download Pile Estimating Spreadsheet

Click the below “Download Now” button the open the new tab skip AD and see google drive, and also free download cast in situ pile structural drawing and spreadsheet.

Pile Estimating Sheet

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