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Tekla Structures is BMI (Building information Modeling) Structural designing software, it’s able to create Structural models of Different kind of building with different kind of materials, such as; Steel, concrete, glass and  wood. Tekla structures help structural professionals and engineers to create structures and components in 3D, Also generate 2D views and include building detail information.  Tekla was formerly known as Xsteel. Mostly Tekla Structures is used in big construction Projects for create and add concrete and steel detailing in precast and pre-processing of the structures.

Tekla Structures software


Tekla Structures 2018

Tekla Structure 2018 is the latest and best version of the software. In 2018 version tekla came up with several improvements and new features that made this application faster and better performance.  It also got more precise detailing and quicker output with less time and effort.


Tekla Structures 2018 Features


Top 9 Features Tekla structures 2018


New Drawing content manager: Now it’s more quick and easy to locate drawing, add details and review with drawing content manager. It’s also offer a better and clever overview of the content or specific information about the content. This tool makes pre-production very productive by managing every single details.


Enhanced intelligent Mark placement: Intelligent Mark placement now you can produce better drawing quicker than before. With this tool mark placement and alignment automatically produces better results.


Change Directly from GA drawing: Now can directly change model objectives from GA drawing without changing a bit of the main object. This tool helps user make much more by spending less time.


Enhanced Bent plate: With this new improved bent plate editing feature is more productive than before. It’s providing more flexible bending information. In addition you can customize bent plate automatically.


Improved Spiral Beams: It is now easier and more accurate to model spiral beams. You can create model and detail stringers faster and export them in IFC.


New Property Pane: This new tool is powerful, modern and pleasant to use method to handle all objects information. Because it is customizable, you can customize and organize for you convenient.


New double walls details : New double walls is easy toolset for modeling and detailing double wall structure from early plan to fully detailed objectives ready for output. It also prevents detailing errors and it is very quick and easy for detailing process.


Wall layout Tconnections: Now wall layout covers T-connections are flexible, easy and quick to create, adjust and modify. IT-Connection seams adapt to changes automatically when the wall changes.


More Robust performance: Tekla structure 2018 is more controlled and numbering has been addressed. It is now more accurate and gives you better overview and control over the every single objectives and information’s.

System Requirements

  • Operating system – Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor – i5 with 2.0 GHz CPU
  • Ram – 8 GB.
  • Graphics card – Two monitor supported GPU.
  • Display – 1920x 1080.
  • Hard-disk – 200 GB free space.

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