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Download Bentley MicroStation With Top Features

Bentley Microstation is an advanced three and two dimensional modeling software, which allows Engineers, constructors and architects and designers to visualization, modeling, drafting and object management of their products. It is top 10 architectural and Civil Engineering Software. Microstation generates 2D and 3D vector graphics objects and elements, also has BIM (building information modeling) feature. Microstation Connect edition is the latest version of the software. Bentley Microstation download free trial from their official.

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Bentley Microstation

Best 09 Bentley MicroStation features

  1. Advanced 3D Parametric Modeling
  2. Create Project Deliver Formats
  3. Enforce Standards Drawing
  4. Online Collaborative Work on Designs
  5. Design in Context
  6. Annotate Drawings and Layout
  7. Produce Animations and Renderings
  8. Visualize and Analyze Designs
  9. Work in Personalized Environment
AutoCAD vs Bentley MicroStation

AutoCAD vs Bentley MicroStation Download

Autodesk AutoCAD was mainly designed as drafting tool. It was the best ever and still is. For work with detailed drawings, most likely we will say AutoCAD is better than MicroStation. Many applications use AutoCAD as platform program. Bentley MicroStation was optimized as a CAD platform. Bentley System is working hard to make all of their products run on MicroStation platform. It allows MicroStation for drafting/detailing, 3D modeling, Rendering, and even Complex Animations. Maybe MicroStation is better than AutoCAD, but as a CAD platform, not as drafting tool. Of course you can create detailed drawings and modeling in MicroStation. MicroStation has tools for drafting, but AutoCAD is much more convenient than MicroStation for drafting.

Few differences between MicroStation and AutoCAD

  • In MicroStation, no need to create routines using Auto lisp because most of the commands had those options, inbuilt. For example you can rotate with copy, scale with copy, or multiple copies or placing objects along a path.
  • In MicroStation, no need for any shortcuts, you need in AutoCAD. Because the  commands, settings, views are all active in MicroStation.
  • In MicroStation, settings like color, line style, and line weight can be changed on the fly, without cancelling the current command.
  • In MicroStation, There are 8 active viewports, you can glide from one viewport to another without clicking in each viewport to activate it. Each viewport had its own properties.
  • Microstation has both 2D files and 3D files supported program. In 2D there is only storage for x and y coordinates. In AutoCAD all file stores x, y and Z, where Z is always Zero and extra baggage. That is why Microstations files are much much smaller!
  • There is ultimate power of reference files, which can be saved. Saves a ton of time and mistakes. It helps in coordinating with other disciplines. AutoCAD xref is little bit primitive.
Bentley MicroStation Download

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