Self Sustaining Homes

Best 9 Ideas Of Self Sustaining Homes

What is Self-sustaining or self-sufficiency living?

Self Sustaining Homes, Green homes or Autonomous homes definitions are all same. Self-sustaining word over leaping states of being in a form that needs little or no help from other or interaction with other. Self-sustaining or self-sufficiency living describes a lifestyle choice or decision that attempt to reduce natural and personal resources.

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Self-Sustaining Homes and Living

Self Sustaining is the Solution of Greenhouse Errects

Living in a self sustaining home is not dream anymore. The idea of living in a self-sustaining or Green homes are becoming more popular these days. Now more people understand the green house affecting our planet and how much we need focus on solutions. One of the biggest solutions is to reduce uses of natural resources, produce less wastes more renewable energy.

There are two solutions, one make more self-sustaining or green homes, other we could try to convert our houses or make our houses greener. Either way to attain Green or sustainability we have to go through few steps or we can call them main steps of “Self-sustaining homes”.

ideas of Self Sustaining Homes

Best 9 steps or ideas of Self-Sustaining Homes


  • Try best to build it from recycled products: If you are building self-sustainable home we must use recycled products. Its meaning home must be built it from renewable, Local, recycled products. There are many ways to make our home more greener and self sustain. That’s why we need to do a lot research about construction products. Once research done everything become easier.


  • Make house size smaller: Building bigger size house is very tough in every way and building big green house is unimaginable. Unless you have a big budget. Most of the time building big breaks the rule of green house. Smaller is better, also easy to make and sufficient.


  • Natural climate and lighting: A true green or self sustaining home reduce amount of energy when lighting, heating and cooling the house and make house more natural climate and lighting controllable.


  • Alternative Power source: A self-sustaining homes should be producing its own power source. It could be from solar, wind or mixture of both. Due to our technology advances it is now easier to make solar and wind home power grid. This has to be long and permanent investment.


  • Try to produce own foods: Producing own foods require lots of effort and lot dedications. But it’s diffidently worth it. Growing organic foods and vegetables with rain water and composite fertilizers. It is not only healthier but also less cost in total. This is one of the major steps towards making self-sustaining home.


  • Water management: Next major step is very important for any homes. For self-sustaining homes water must produce from own property also it has to be clean renewable water source. You can manage water by drill a well or store rain water.  It also depends on your location. You must research about water by your location.


  • Waste management: Another next major comes is waste management. You have to manage waste. A Self-sustained or green house should have multiple ways of manage waste. An example is composting toilet.


  • Using recycled materials: This is not major but it is very sufficient to use recycle materials for domestic needs. Use recycled products when possible. You can recycle inside home or nearest recycle center.


  • Heat and cooling control: Finally self-sustained or green house must produce heat in the winter, and use natural air through the summer months. It is also depends on your location.

Live with self-sufficiency. When energy bills are getting higher and natural resource are ending, self-sustaining or green homes not hobby anymore it is necessary now.

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