Autonomous building

Autonomous Building And Green Building Design Concepts

Autonomous Building is a building designing system, that operate independently from all  infrastructural services like the electric supply grid, gas grid, water supply grid, sewage systems, water draining system, in some cases road or communication services. Autonomous building expert explain advantages includes reduced environmental impacts, lower costs and increased security.  Few cited Benefits of smart home design and green building design concepts satisfied theory.


green building concept


Autonomous or green building mostly rely very less on public grid services that’s why its very safe during any kind of civil disaster. This type of building would not lose water or power supply if public supplies were compromised for any kind of reason. Experts say this type of building mostly design based on residential homes.

autonomous building design

Advantages of Autonomous Buildings

  •    i. Autonomous buildings ensure proper security and better environmental by using on-site resources such as; sunlight and rain. That would otherwise be wasted in conventional building.
  •    ii. 40% to 60% less power uses in green buildings than the conventional buildings.
  •    iii. 40%to 80% less water consumes than the conventional ones
  •    iv. Green building also generate less waste by on-site waste management
  •    v. Green Building experts are also working towards onsite energy and supplies through renewable energy and rain water harvesting to fulfill the needs.
  •    vi. It is also generate lesser pollution during the contraction and after. Green building ensures safety, health and sanitation facilities for owners, neighbors and everyone.
  •    vii. Autonomous types of building would not lose water or power supply if public supplies were compromised for civil disaster or any kind of reason.
  •    viii. 100% healthier than regular ones.

There are more facilities than we think or could be written.


Disadvantages of Autonomous Buildings

Autonomous building all means independent fundamental. But to achieve complete independence is very hard. Here is some examples;

  •  i. To living in an autonomous building you must sacrifice your life style choices, personal and social behaviors.
  •  ii. At the beginning you will experience as very irritating, isolating, and inconvenient.
  •  iii. For growing your own food is harder than gain own electricity.
  •  iv. Autonomous building must be custom build to suit local environment and climate.
  •  v. Need a lot study and research from basement to toilet systems and requirements.
  •  vi. You need specifically experienced engineers, Architectures and laborers, and that is very hard to find.

Benefits of Autonomous or Green building

A building which uses less water, conserves natural resources, generates less waste, optimizes energy efficiency, and provides healthier environment as compared to a conventional or regular is call Green or Autonomous Building or Self sustaining homes. Idea about smart building design is not very common. But autonomous buildings are opposite in some-point. We are going to talk about smart buildings in our next article.


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