Floor Area Ratio Calculator

Download FAR Calculator (Floor Area Ratio) | Spreadsheet

Free download Floor Area Ratio Calculator for civil engineering students. We know how to calculate FAR, but don’t know how to calculating with excel spreadsheet. In this article to clear the concept of FAR calculating with spreadsheet. So read and see the full video to attest in the below and download free spreadsheet.

Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

FAR is the ratio of a buildings gross floor area. The FAR terms can also refer to limits imposed on such a ratio through zoning.

FAR (floor area ratio) = Gross Floor Area / Area of The Plot

FAR Calculation for building

Floor area ratio is sometimes called floor space ratio (FSR), Site Ration or Plot Ratio, Floor Space Index (FSI).

How to apply FAR in the field?

How to apply FAR

How to FAR Calculation With This Spreadsheet

Instructions: Enter the information in the white boxes below. The spreadsheet will calculate the proposed FAR (floor area ratio), the 100% max FAR (per the Zoning Ordinance), and the 85% max FAR (per the Zoning Ordinance). Additionally it will determine whether a FAR Modification is required.

FAR Calculation Sheet

The Net Lot Area does not include any Public Road Easements or Public Road Right-of-Way areas. The proposed TOTAL Net FAR Floor Area shall include the net floor area of all stories of all building, but may or may not include basement/cellar floor area. For further clarification on these definitions please refer to SBMC §28.15.083.


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Free Download Excel Sheet For FAR Calculation

Download floor area ration calculator and civil engineering spreadsheet free for engineering students. Excel sheet free download for easily work with building structure design, architectural drawings and all civil engineering calculations. Free download AutoCAD Drawing to all Architect & Civil Engineering Software and Excel Sheet.

Download Spreadsheet (FAR Calculator)

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