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Why Microsoft Excel Best Spreadsheet In Civil Engineering

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet applications developed by Microsoft in 1987 for Windows and Mac. It was first named as lotus. Microsoft Excel is very largely used in platforms for calculation, graphics tools, Pivot tools and a macro programming language called VMA (Visual basic applications). In 2016 version Microsoft released Smartphone version of the Microsoft Excel 2016 in Android and iOS. Microsoft Excel download can be done by as part of Office 365 or one time purchase with Office 2019. Excel also is very helpful and used in civil engineering spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel has all spreadsheets features available in one application from basic to professional level. Today Excel is being used in so many platforms; it is now become compulsory application in our home or office works for calculation to charts and more.


Using Microsoft Excel in Civil Engineering

Microsoft Excel consider as most common tool in engineering. If you are a studying or civil engineer then you probably work with lots of data, mostly numerical data, for calculations in your projects, such as;


Hydrology: Calculation and analysis with Hydrographs.


Environmental Engineering:  Population analyzing and forecasting.


Transportation Engineering: Analyzing traffic data and applying.


Surveying:  Calculating and analyzing levels and bearings


Quantity Surveying & Estimation:   Easy and faster preparation of BOQ


Reinforced Concrete Design:  Reinforce Design of Concrete mix and structural members.


Yet, though any other field, all kind of engineers is bound to use Excel. Microsoft Excel is now consider as a standard in transferring, conveying, calculating, computing and analyzing data for engineering designs, methods and costs. Flexibility, Prevalence and Integration, these three is most reason for being the must-be-install software in most of the civil engineers and civil engineering students. For the engineers to keep up with modern data and information technology and remain competitive.

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