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How Were The Pyramids Built

Summary: When of the Early Dynastic Period, those with adequate methods were buried in seat like structures known as mastabas. The second truly reported Egyptian pyramid is credited to the designer Imhotep, who arranged what Egyptologists accept to be a tomb for the pharaoh Djoser. Imhotep is attributed with being the first to imagine the […]

Types of Building Foundations

Summary: A Building foundation is a lower segment of building structure that moves its gravity burdens to the earth. Foundation are commonly broken into two classes: shallow foundation and deep foundations. A tall structure must have a solid foundation to keep stand for long times. If you want to ensure the safety hundred percent, you […]

Secrets of the Pyramids

The Egyptian pyramids are antiquated pyramid-molded brick work structures situated in Egypt. The most famed Egyptian pyramids are those found at Giza, on the edges of Cairo. A few of the Giza pyramids Secrets are considered as a part of the biggest structures ever built. Pyramids are one of the world’s marvels, pyramids were created with limestone, and pyramids were built to save mummies and pyramid. Secrets of the pyramids in Egypt is a curiosity for all over the people.

Longest Bridges In The World

The longest bridges in the world almost are the sea bridges and situated in all over the world. As the bridges are built over the sea, so that it must be long. Everyday many people use these bridges, and some visitors come to visit. The longest bridges in the world take many years to build up and many employee need to work for completing the bridges. Some bridges claim toll to visit or use the bridges for the purpose of maintenance charges and recover the construction cost.

Most Dangerous Bridges in The World

Bridge is a way for communication of both sides of a lake, river, cannel or sea. But if the communication process is not ensure your safety, it will be dangerous for you. There exist most dangerous bridges in the world, where many accidents occurred. But reality is difference from our thinking, because people have to use this bridges for their daily needs.

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